Why We Need Meat Grinders The idea of getting a meat grinder is maybe because you want to be in control of what goes in your food. Or perhaps you are the kind who want to experiment recipes on ground meat and this is the reason why a meat grinder is a very interesting buy. Whatever be the reason for considering a meat grinder, grinding your own meat will definitely pamper or spoil you. If you have tried grounding your own meat, then it is very likely that you will never look at pre ground meat in the grocery store again. Besides the objective of controlling what goes in your food includes not to anymore guess what is in your ground meat, how it is processed and how frequent they are prepared.
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When you grind meat, it is like cutting up vegetable when the parts begin to silt and become vulnerable to bacterial contamination like E-coli. You can never be too sure about the freshness of ground meat in the grocery because you cannot tell if it was freshly ground, daily ground, or ground weekly to conserve time. If ground meat sits in the meat section for a long time chances are it has already lost quality and flavor and has started to get contaminated, and this is very much different from freshly ground meat.
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So if you are the burger lover who want to experiment on different kinds of burgers, then a meat grinder will allow you to control how much fat content you want to put in your burger and whatever type of meat you want to grind, pork, veal, or others. You should next consider the type of meat grinder to buy after deciding that you will indeed buy one. You can choose two different types of grinders. You could either get the manual meat grinder or the electric grinder. Manual grinders are of course cheaper than electric grinders. If you have a small space then manual grinders are ideal since they are smaller. This type makes use of your muscles to crank it while feeding the meat through the grinder. If you have an electric grinder you can save on time and energy because they are faster and more efficient than the manual one. Working with an electric meat grinder is also more hygienic since feeding the meat by your hand is the only hand/meat contact that takes place, contrary to an additional hand contact that takes place when cranking the grinder manually. Although electric grinders are more expensive, you are e paying for the convenience of grinding meat easier, faster, and more efficient. Whatever be your choice, it comes down to your personal preference. There are some who would prefer a manual grinder since they simply grind a small amount of meat at a time.