6 Important Tips for Corporate Gifting on Diwali

Corporate gifting is an ideal way to endorse and promote your business and brands and the most common way to show your appreciation. However, not any gift will do. There are times when your employees, customers and contributors make exceptional contributions throughout the year and this is when you will have to make it a practice to acknowledge those contributions. Before you buy that gift, here are 6 tips that you must go through for buying corporate gifts for Diwali.

Strengthening the Relationship

To build good relations and strengthen the relationship between your company and the client, it is very important to choose the right gift and appreciate the people. This way is not only for clients and customers but should also be with the employees and the workforce. Gifts such as personalized gifts, card holders, desk clocks and diaries make up for perfect simple gifts. Other gifts can include chocolates, wine accessories and baskets. Such gifts play a significant role as they are built with personal suggestions/ideas and are unique.

Be Creative

Always follow the ongoing trends because it gives us a good idea of what gift works for others and what does not. Your gift must also stand out and trendy. You can opt for gifts that are creative like finding out new ways to do what others are doing or to find out new ways to use what has been created already. This is sure to surprise the recipient and will help in the bonding between your company as well as the clients.

Setup a Budget

Around the year with so many occasions/festivals, it becomes difficult if you have to decide on the budget and what to buy then and there. It is highly suggested that a flexible budget be set in advance instead of having a tight budget. This allows you to create an expenditure range rather than having a fixed amount which narrows your gift options.

Make it a representative of your company’s brand values

Credibility is the key in any business and is the most effective ways to live by one’s business values. The gift that you go for must hold the same credible value. The gifts should not be inappropriate and should respect the recipient’s traditions and values too. Diwali gifts for corporates should reflect the values that your business follows.

Aim for gifts that will last

Small gifts with no oblivious intentions make an ideal and great gift while gifts that last are also preferred. It would be recommended to go for subscriptions or similar kind of offers that are sure to keep corporate clients happy. This way they will spread the word around and increase your market sales.

Consider Cultural Differences

Each and every country has their cultural values and their own rules for corporate gifting. When buying a gift for outside clients, keep their culture and values in mind so that it becomes easier for you to decide upon the gift. This way you will avoid any kind of inappropriate gifts for them and at the same keep your company brand name intact.


Corporate gifting is a goof opportunity that lets you connect with your clients and employees and strengthens the ties for a better business growth. Have you gift presented in a festive way as the presentation is very important to keep up with your company’s values and name.