Olive Oil Soaps – A Gift for All Occasions

Olive oil soaps are the answer to all of your present-giving problems. Everyone loves a gift that is handmade, and a practical gift such as olive oil soap is even more desirable. Olive oil soaps are affordable and easy to make.

There are lots of sample recipes for olive oil soaps that utilize olive oil in them. A lot of people will make use of a recipe that will require just olive oil, but some will add several other natural ingredients for other valuable reasons. The olive oil soaps recipe listed below is 80-percent pure olive oil, but has some palm (to make the soap stronger) and coconut (to add bubbles to the lather). It’s a superb balance of those three oils.

What You’ll Require:
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40 oz. olive oil; 6. olive oil; 6. lye; 16 oz. water; 5 oz. coconut oil; 5 oz. 5 oz. 5 oz. of essential scent (if you would like a scented soap). Please research further or the seek the assistance of a professional should you be unsure in any way concerning the aforementioned measurements for the olive oil soaps, as well as the procedure for working with lye or ask a professional for help.
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Tools Required: Big pot; spoon; gloves, rubber spatula; safety goggles; soap mold and stick blender.

Let’s Get Started

Before beginning the job, be sure to have all the ingredients, as well as a proper working area. First melt your solid oils, which are your palm oil and your coconut oil. Melt them in the big pot over medium heat. After the oils reach approximately 110 degrees, switch the heat off.

Next, add the olive oil to the soaps recipe. Make sure the palm and coconut oils are hot before adding the olive oil. Make sure before adding the lye, the temperature is 100 degrees. Add the lye quite slowly. Stick blend the mixture and you will begin to see it become cloudy. When mixing, begin by the stick-blender with brief spurts. Do this until the lye and the oils are mixed together 100 percent.

Then add colours, the scents, or something else you find vital, for example, flower petals among other things. Pour the soap mixture into the mold. Pour in a back-and-forth motion. It’ll be thick. After you have finished pouring, in your counter top, tap the mold softly. This will help get rid of any excess bubbles.

In order to maintain heat in you’d want to put a towel over the mold. Place aside your new creative gift for about 24 hours to cool. Once cooled, cut your soaps into the size/shape you want, and decorate with a piece of ribbon or toile.

Everyone is sure to adore your gift of handmade soaps.