Keeping One’s Tongue Free of Disease There are numerous problems that one’s tongue can develop. Among the problems one’s tongue may experience include change in taste, pain, soreness, change in color as well as change in texture. While one would ignore some health signs and symptoms, others may have an underlying condition that may be requiring one to visit a dentist. One should not ignore some of these signs as they may be an indication of a very serious medical condition demanding immediate dentist attention. It is essential where one has noted a problem with recognizing of flavors to make sure that he or she has visited a dentist. Where one’s tongue has problems with movement, one would need to make sure that he or she has visited a dentist. One may also have his or her tongue swell something that suggests a visit to the dentist. One may also note that his or her tongue has changed from the normal color to patches of color that are mainly white, black, brown or bright pink. . A burning sensation on the tongue as well is an indication that one should visit the dentist whether one has it on parts of the tongue or on the entire tongue. . One would also need to know some causes of ill health on the tongue. Where one is in her post-menopausal stages of her life, she has possibilities of experiencing a burning sensation on her tongue. A burning sensation on the tongue also occurs when one is exposed to irritants such as cigarette smoke. One’s tongue may change in color as an indication that he or she has a deficiency in folic acid, in iron or even in vitamin B-12. One may have a white tongue as a result of poor oral hygiene, smoking or drinking alcoholic drinks. One would need to visit a dentist where he or she sees signs of oral lichen planus which entails appearance of white lines on the tongue.
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The texture of the tongue may also change which comes with a hairy or furry tongue. In most cases, it may have been caused by antibiotics, radiation to the head or the neck or where one has consumed so many irritants such as mouthwash, coffee or even smoking. Whenever one is experiencing pain on the tongue, he or she may need to see a dentist especially where he or she has not had any bite of the tongue due to the fact that one may be having an infection. One would however not need to visit a dentist where he or she is experiencing pain on his tongue after he or she bit herself or himself as pain would have to go after sometime. Whenever a tongue swells, one may be having a Down syndrome, anemia, strep throat, leukemia, an overactive thyroid, tongue cancer and Down syndrome.The Beginners Guide To Professionals (Chapter 1)