My Head cover My aurat

The discussion this time is the perform of previous articles that discuss the issue of Muslim headscarves that fit the shari’ah as well as answers to the various comments that come.

Jilbab is part of shari’ah that is important to be implemented by a muslimah. He is not just an identity or a mere decoration and also not a barrier for a muslimah to carry out activities of his life. Using the veil in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam is mandatory by every Muslim, just like other worship such as prayer, fasting is required for every Muslim. It is not a separate obligation because of the condition of the area as some say (because Arab is dusty, hot and so on). He is also not a duty to certain circles (who have been pilgrims or boarding children). If you want to see hijab fashion just visit Modefa Website .

It’s true my sister … wearing hijab is our duty as a muslimah. And in its usage we must also pay attention to what has been taught by Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. As mentioned in the previous article, there are several requirements in the use of veiling that conform to shari’ah. May Allah make it easier for writers to clarify the points in the previous article.


  1. Qomish (a kind of cloak).
  2. Fabrics covering the entire body.
  3. Khimar (veil).
  4. Apparel tops like milhafah (blanket).
  5. Such as a blanket (read: veil) used by a woman to cover her body.

So little explanation about the meaning of hijab and an explanation of the points about the requirements of Muslim headscarves that fit the shari’ah. My sister … let us not be deceived by all the activities and words of people who make a person tend to feel impossible to Remember that there is no friend in the last day who will bear the sin we have committed. It is only to God that we ask for help when we observe all the sanctified worship. Hopefully this article can also answer the various questions and comments that come in the previous articles.