The Fall Of Department Stores And The Rise Of Shopping Malls In Hong Kong

In the last few decades, the outlet mall has become a fixture on the landscape of many cities, towns, and metropolitan areas. Granted, the street markets are subject to more variation (many of them are assembled and disassembled on a daily basis), but even the malls hosted in huge, modern buildings are constantly changing clothes and appearance as if playing a cross-dressing game to cater and attract more mall

The booming of the shopping malls in the urban centre not only speeded up the fall of the department stores but also turned the surrounding area of the malls into sites of consumption or consumption-oriented space, starting the ‘mallification’ of Hong Kong.

For example, there were clinics, pharmacies, barber shops, day-care centres and tutorial schools in shopping centres but seldom did they exist in shopping malls. Special days at the Factory Outlet Village include Tuesdays when seniors (55 and older) receive mall discounts and Wednesday is special for VIP Local Club shopper discounts.

Some of the most exotic attractions that make this mall a must see are, the existence of two hundred and twenty gold shops and a huge aquarium that has marine life of every kind almost. Up market areas like KLCC and the Suria mall in the Petronas towers are pricy and deal with luxury brands and designer labels. The architect was Dean & Dean from Chicago and the building contractor was George H. Lounsberry from Duluth. This was the global signal and thus began a mad race with the real estate companies to join the retail shopping developers. The online store has no need to pay expensive rent in the shopping mall or shopping center. With their imaginative designs and wide range of outlets, shopping malls are perennially popular. Hot Topic and Claires are only a few of the many different stores this mall mall

In addition to Adspace, other US-based digital out-of-home mall network operators include Blue Outdoor, WalkUp Advertising, EYE Malls, and JCDecaux MallScape. In the top 10 largest malls in world 2013 list – 1 Utama took 4th place, Mid Valley Megamall took 8th place and Sunway Pyramid shopping mall took 9th mall