The Launch of LoveWorld USA by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Christ Embassy

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of the Christ Embassy that is also known as the BLW ministry. He is a Nigerian citizen and an outspoken Christian minister who seeks to spread the word of God throughout the world. Chris Oyakhilome runs several arms that include Rhapsody of reality, the Healing School, the Innercity Missions for Children and LoveWorld Books. Chris is the manager of LoveWorld SAT, LoveWorld Plus and LoveWorld TV Christian television channels. These TV stations feature his remarkable healing ministries that occur during his congregational meetings.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome runs the Haven, a ministry arm of the Christ Embassy. The Haven is dedicated to the divine offering of time and finances to the salvation gospel. People get a meaning of life as result of the divine offering. Chris Oyakhilome and the Haven Nation members have dedicated their mission to a solid platform of raising and mobilizing ministers who preach the life of Jesus to the whole world.


LoveWord USA Launch


Pastor Chris will partner with Pastor Benny Hinn to introduce a new television channel that will be broadcasted in the United States. The new brand, LoveWorld USA, will begin broadcasting officially in the summer of 2017. The pastor hopes to achieve the same milestone that his ministry in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa has achieved. The new network will demonstrate God`s power in the USA and the rest of the world.


Olympusat Cable TV, one of the most renowned media channel, will announce the details of the launch. The TV channel offers premium services and a socially accepted content that enables it to reach its diverse audience. It keeps updating its content to meet the needs of the viewers. This makes it an ideal platform to showcase the glory of Jesus.


As Pastor Deola Philips remarked, Pastor Benny and Pastor Chris are delighted to introduce the new TV channel that will spread the power of God in the United States and the rest of world. Deola also said that the word of God will flourish in 2017. The people of God will prepare for meditation in this summer. The TV launch is divinely timed because of the spiritual nature of the year.

The TV channel will mirror the Haven Convention. There will be extraordinary worship, special ministrations, spiritual edification of the Haven Nation Members, remarkable time of praise, and insightful debate shows.


The United States people will be revitalized and prepared for the end times. They will be upgraded by the word of God. They will be brought closer to God through faith and salvation. The broadcast will include super sessions that will be coordinated by senior ministers and Pastor Chris. The arm`s vision is to preach the gospel of Jesus in the United States and all nations. This will enable people to understand the truth through the multidimensional evangelism tools that are provided by the BLW ministry.