Top 5 Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

In the world of sparkling and stunning gemstones, Blue Sapphire is loved for its magnificent aura and charm. It has a shiny luster and deep blue color that make this gemstone a highly preferred option for the gem lovers. This indigo stone has a splendid history of being possessed by the royalties in the form of beautiful jewels.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone)

The sparkling Neelam stone is composed of aluminum oxide with hints of cobalt. These slight hints of cobalt cause its distinctive blue color and oceanic hues. It also comes in the shades of violet and purple due to natural changes caused in its formation. Over the centuries, this gemstone has been considered an excellent choice for the engagement and wedding rings. This allure continues till the contemporary times. Blue sapphire (Neelam) rings and other form of Blue Sapphire jewelry is getting in trends these days.

Here are the top five reasons that make Blue Sapphire gemstone worth possessing:

  1. It is Rare and Unique Gemstone.

One of the most tempting reasons to buy Blue Sapphire stone is its uniqueness and rarity. You can witness a distinctive variation in its color. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to find two identical gemstones. One can easily get it personalized for making exclusive jewelry pieces. One can find Blue Sapphire gems in a wide range of cut and shapes at reasonable pricing unlike highly precious diamonds.


Blue Sapphire Collection at GemPundit

  1. It holds mystical Healing and Metaphysical Properties.

As per classical texts of Indian astrology, Neelam gemstone is highly admired for its exceptional cosmic powers. This protective stone bestows heavenly blessings on its possessor and symbolizes their true feelings. It can be set in beautiful rings, bracelets or pendants and can be worn preferable after taking a primary consultation from a trusted astrologer. As per the ancient belief, wearing Neelam stone benefits wearer to gain professional & financial success, mental clarity and great positivity in the life. In western astrology also, Blue Sapphire is worn as the September birthstone. Isn’t it great?

  1. It offers Lifelong Companionship.

Gemstones are precious therefore no one want to buy a gem that breaks of easily. For those looking for a colored gemstone jewelry for daily wear, Blue Sapphire is undoubtedly the right selection for you. Ranging around 9 on Mohs hardness scale, Sapphire is the second hardest gem after diamonds. It is highly scratch resistant and can withstand lifelong without losing its elegance and beauty. In terms of durability, a blue sapphire jewelry will surely serve buyer as a true companion for life.


Sri Lankan Sapphire (Ceylon Neelam)

  1. It comes in every budget.

Yes, you read it right. Unlike diamonds, Blue Sapphires can be worn even if someone is having a tight budget. The sapphire industry is not hugely influenced by the monopolistic policies of the big industry players. No doubt, some exclusive Sapphire varieties such as Kashmir Sapphire, Burmese Sapphire or Sri Lankan Sapphire cost a premium for quality. However, for jewelry purposes, one can also consider slightly lower quality Blue Sapphires from Thailand or Bangkok. GemPundit is a reputed online gem store where one can easily browse loose Blue Sapphire stones online in different price range.

  1. It makes a highly Versatile piece of Jewelry.

Blue Sapphire or Neelam ratna is a beautiful combination of style and spirituality. Getting the stone customized in your favorite design allows the wearer not just to gain its metaphysical benefits but also flaunt it as precious accessory amongst the peers as well. The gem gets easily studded in rings, pendants or bracelets and will be compatible with all your outfits.


Blue Sapphire Silver Ring

So, if you want a valuable stone adorning your wardrobe, Blue Sapphire is a perfect choice that can add its glory and incessant purity to your life.