7 Benefits of Body Jewelry You Should Know Of

The use of body jewelry on various parts of the body that have been pierced is considered to be one of the earliest and most fashionable body modification forms. Today, the trend has become extremely popular today with many people, including the young and old taking it up. Some of the popular piercing points are nose, navel, lips, tongue, nipples, and genitalia. What are the advantages of piercings and the accompanying body jewelry?

Top among the benefits of body piercing is that it is a fashionable and trendy practice. You can make an outfit more attractive if you have a piercing on your body to accompany it. What’s more, your choice of body jewelry is what will create the greatest impact to your looks. Also, there are endless body jewelry choices that are available for your choosing.

It is possible to trigger various of the body’s vital energy or acupuncture points if piercings of the nose or ears are carried out by knowledgeable experts. Some traditions use the piercings to ease the pain associated with menstruation or childbirth. In such cases, the brain’s right side is filled with warmth and energetic balance. The ears are, particularly filled with acupuncture points that are considered to connect to the rest of the body.

An increase in sexual stimulation results with the piercing of body parts such as glans, clitoris, and nipples. It is now confirmed that there is an intense sensation that results when piercing takes place during fondling of such parts. Also, many report that piercings, especially of the nipples, help in the maintenance of youthful appearances and in sexually stimulating their partners.

It is possible to express yourself in a method that you feel most desirable if you have body jewelry. Some of the expression forms that are popular include sexual and artistic. Besides, it is possible to identify with a certain religious or social organization if you use body jewelry. In a way then, body piercing is a way of getting the identity you desire.

Many cultures use body piercing for spiritual means. In some places, a baby’s ears are pierced immediately after birth. In others, you can only tell the age group or social or marital status of a woman based on the body jewelry she wears.

Piercing is painless and fast, especially if carried out by a knowledgeable party. Unlike other beautification methods such as body tattooing that are time-consuming and extremely painful, you will only feel a slight pinch for a second when a needle in being inserted. Most people don’t even feel a thing during the process.

Body piercings today are risk-free. If you visit an expert for the body jewelry process, you will get nose piercing cleaning and nose piercing aftercare tips that will ensure that your experience is delightful all the way.
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